Our Story

We’re two sisters, Bonnie & Becky, who live together in small town, Midwest USA. Twenty years ago we said “yes” to Jesus knowing His love was so great that He died to redeem us from sin. What we didn’t know then was how great it was to experience His love deep down in our hearts. But as a Pursuer, He sent loving friends to be the ones to express His love in the flesh! Now we desire to share that love, every day, with others through listening, sharing scripture, praying, laughing and crying together.

Looking back we (Bonnie & Becky) can see the Lord has been writing this story for several years. There was a point in our lives where God laid on our hearts that life was more than pursuing the American dream of making a living, enjoying life and saving for retirement.

This caused some soul searching and we began to pray daily that God would show us what our mission and calling was. The concepts in Isaiah 61:1 of preaching the gospel, binding up the brokenhearted, proclaiming liberty to the captives were on our hearts in a very strong way. Obviously, this verse was special and meant something, but God hadn’t clarified yet what it was.

During that time, we had encounters with women who shared their stories of trauma. It became more and more apparent there is a lot of hurt out there.

We asked God to clarify what He was trying to show us. He spoke to us from 1 Chronicles 28:10 “Take heed now; for the Lord hath chosen thee to build an house for the sanctuary: be strong, and do it.“ That scripture spoke to us that we should begin a ministry for women facing life issues. Through counsel and how God has lead us, we have begun a nonprofit organization called House of Hope for Women.